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Providing EPA, OSHA, DOT and FDA Compliance Solutions Since 1984

RCP, Inc. was founded in 1984 to provide environmental, health/safety, engineering and testing services to the industrial community.
At RCP, Inc. we want to help the regulated community meet the challenges of today's environmental protection and health and safety regulations. Our engineering and technical staff has the expertise to assist our clients in meeting the current regulatory requirements, and more importantly, in staying ahead of them.


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Save 40 to 60% on your company's environmental compliance efforts!

We call this program ECAMP:

  • Environmental
  • Compliance
  • And
  • Management
  • Program

You can have a qualified team of professionals ready to complete the required EPA and OSHA reports, a fully equiped sampling team to collect your samples and a technical staff to assure your compliance with EPA's and OSHA's rules.

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Our Services

  • SARA Title III Reports: 302, 311, 312, 313
  • Generator Annual Hazardous Waste Report
  • Waste Minimization Report
  • Clean Air Act - Title V - Air Emission Reports, Emission Inventories, Permits
  • Clean Air Act - Title I Reports
  • Wastewater Monitoring Reports
  • Waste Minimization Planning
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, SPCCs and Contingency Plans
  • Environmental Management Audits
  • Real Estate Audits
  • Pollution Dispersion Modeling
  • Permit Preparation & Submission
  • Air Pollution - Permits to Install / Operate
  • Storm Water & Wastewater Pretreatment NPDES
  • Waste Treatability Studies
  • Remediation Feasibility Studies
  • Site Cleanups & Remediation
  • ISO 9000, 14000
  • Process Safety Management
  • Well Sampling
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Noise Surveys
  • OSHA & EPA Audits
  • Training


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